Open source business models – OpenCall Case Study

Many businesses consider using open source software as a means of keeping software license fees low. The selection of Drupal instead of Adobe CQ or Sitecore makes eminent sense if you’re primary intention is to keep the cost base low. Traditionally, the downside of open source was lack of commercial protection, professional support and a lack of roadmap. How things are changing. Read more ›

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Exciting new mobile marketing platform – VMob

Occasionally a piece of marketing technology genuinely impresses me. This past week I got to view a demonstration of VMob – a real-time mobile marketing platform who are partnering with us at CACI. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video must be worth far more so this is their case study from work undertaken with McDonalds in the Netherlands.

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Digital Nervous Systems in 2014

With the scalable power of cloud computing and the capabilities of Big Data, we are closer than ever to having the kind of Digital Nervous System that Bill Gates described in his 1999 book Business at the Speed of Thought. Read more ›

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Top five channels that must be in your multichannel strategy

Having 126 channels to choose from gives marketers a real challenge when it comes to selecting which channels to select. Each channel has unique attributes that will determine its value to the customer and therefore your business. Based on my analysis of these 126 channels there are five channels that must be considered.
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Digital Strategy Frameworks: Organisational Design

Frameworks, models, charts and matrices. I love ‘em!

This classic framework is a great place to start when organising teams around a digital strategy. It’s taken from Peter Scholtes’ The Leader’s Handbook. The framework defines the components of an organisational design that is focussed on an core vision or purpose.
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Building digital disruptive growth engines for retail

I got a little excited last week when I read that John Lewis are opening an innovation lab. Opening such a lab was a recommendation from my research into disruptive innovation in retail. But what does it take to open such a lab and what challenges are businesses likely to face?
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Digital debt – does your business have it?

In their rush to protect and generate revenue many CIOs and CMOs have inadvertently created digital debt. This debt is so bad for some that it is creating Zombie digital departments, unable to move forward because they are constantly paying the interest on their debt.
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Omnichannel pizza: Domino’s case study

I recently published a case study on Domino’s omnichannel strategy at MyCustomer. You can read the full article at:

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Digital strategy – Why your company needs one

Change is inevitable and in this new digital age, change is accelerating. For many firms, digital changes are creating a new range of opportunities that require investment and skills. Before diving in,  I suggest that a digital strategy is required for the following reasons… Read more ›

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What is digital? Snake oil or panacea

Digital is a catalyst for business improvement and innovation based around technology, a mind-set and a methodology which remove physical limitations in reaching and serving customers. Read more ›

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